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Our state of art platform is not designed around a single in-house blockchain but plugs into any existing blockchain for different purposes. We do not settle for one, we choose the best depending on the task. Prominent teams are working on the end-to-end solutions for the Smart Contracts, Advertising Tokens, Transparency and so on, we try to be a gateway to all of them for our client.

We’ve built RGMusics from the scratch with a full-transparency and the whole new ecosystem in mind. Blockchain changed the industry forever and it’s an emerging trend. Simply re-building your old platform is not enough. It’s not even right to call it a platform anymore. We call it a mechanism that builds in the new and emerging blockchain protocols.

OpenRTB 3.0 and up Epoch Advertising Environment

Our technology was built from the scratch with the respect to the latest OpenRTB protocol. Things change, we are the change. Back compatibility - no problem with that. Full transparency? - out of the box. We do not try to overcomplicate things, making it with the user-focused philosophy in mind. Before building our platform we interviewed the most prominent minds of the industry asking what do they want from the next AdTech Environment. And the answer was: simplicity, cost reduction, transparency. We have it all.

No more DSP/SSP/DMP business -
all in one and much more.

Tired of going in circles? We feel your pain.Plug-and-play any platform you have, as an environment we can work with everything. You are not in the blockchain yet, no problem, we can work with you. We support all the existing formats. Header bidding? Server-side, Mobile, Holistic? Peace of cake, we have it all, we know how to orchestrate it all for you.

Key Features

Smart Targeting

Target the right audience based on different criteria such as geography, demographic, interest, devices ...

Ultimate Bidding Technology

We connect to exclusive private marketplaces, with an impression live buy, based on advanced bidding system

Exclusive Traffic

All the traffic we manage is selected and filtered with internal softwares, in order to provide the best results to your campaign

Direct Reporting

Check in real time your performances and earnings via our statistics and analytics report

All-In-One Platform

Our multifunctional platform allows both publishers and advertisers to connect universally

Dedicated Account

Our industry specialists are here to give you the best possible support and personnalized guidance

Access All Ad format - Custom Included


Rewarded video
Native video
In-content In-banner


Native In-Feed Display
Native In-Feed Mobile
Native In-Feed Video

Standard Banners

Standard banners
Rich Media

Connected TV

15-Second Video Ad
30-Second Video Ad


Mobile Rich
Media Mobile banner ads
In-app advertising
Mobile Native
Mobile video

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